The broken system

New DPC System

  • Same day/next day appointments
  • Direct access to your doctor via phone, email, or text
  • Monthly fee with multiple ways to communicate
  • Extended, longer office visits
  • Convenient scheduling
  • In office labs and prescriptions
  • Simple
  • Low monthly fee
  • Access to doctor any time needed
  • Wholesale pricing for labs and imaging
  • Personalized medicine with someone that knows you
  • 600 patients per year maximum
Old broken System

  • Appointments needing a calendar to plan
  • Phone tag and partial info relayed through staff
  • Appointments with co-pays and then referrals for more co-pays
  • Doctors forced to see patients for less than 10 min each
  • Difficult scheduling and long wait times
  • More co-pays and additional visits to multiple places
  • Complicated
  • Co-pays, high deductibles and limits
  • Trips to ERs or Urgent Care for non-emergency items
  • Bloated pricing to manipulate the insurance profit making system
  • Face in the crowd and lost in paperwork
  • 3500 or more patients per year

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