Direct Patient Care

Have a relationship with your doctor and get the medical care you have always deserved.

Raleigh Direct Primary Care is a new, innovative medical office now open in Raleigh, NC. Raleigh Direct Primary Care offers our member patients affordable, comprehensive, common-sense medical care with a focus on service and value. For our patients, this means fewer of the things you don’t like about going to the doctor, and more of things you do.

We operate on a fee-based membership structure with transparent pricing and no surprises. Forgoing the traditional medical model in favor of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model allows Dr. Suji the ability to spend more time with each of her patients. Raleigh Direct Primary Care is all about getting back to basics. It’s no secret the current American medical system is broken. Insurance companies and governmental payers have driven the cost of health care up and the quality down. With a membership to Raleigh Direct Primary Care, rest assured the priority is your health and not the bottom line.

At Raleigh Direct Primary Care there is no red tape, no hoops to jump through, no co-pays and no rushed visits or long waits. Instead, you’ll get a physician who knows you and cares about you, quality time spent with the physician, and affordable pricing with no guesswork.

Contact us with questions or to enroll as a member with Raleigh Direct Primary Care.


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