Board Certified Doctor

Do you know what it means for a doctor to be Board Certified?

Is your doctor Board Certified? You should check and you should know what that means. Check for your doctor:  Less than 59% of physicians are Board Certified. (For a scary statistic – only 29% of surgeons are Board Certified)

All physicians must complete: four years of premedical education in a college or university; a course of study leading to an MD degree from a qualified medical school, three to five years of full-time experience in an accredited residency training program and become licensed in their state.

Next is “Board eligible” This means a physician has completed the residency but has not passed the board certification test, either because he hasn’t taken it yet or he failed it. Some physicians have been calling themselves “board eligible” for years and years without ever passing the test.

“Board certified” is used for doctors that meet additional standards beyond basic licensing. They must pass a written and, in some cases, an oral examination created and administered by the Member Board in his or her specialty. Demonstrate that they have kept up with the latest medical advances in their specialized field. The public can trust that their doctor’s status as a Board Certified physician means that they are an expert in that specialty.

Dr. Suji of Raleigh Direct Primary Care was board certified in 2006 and re-certified in 2016.