Primary Patient Care

Raleigh Direct Primary Care focuses on you and your health without the unnecessary requirements dictated by insurance companies. We believe that the best primary care medicine is both personal and affordable, and that’s what we offer.  Let us restore your faith in health care. Experience a doctor–patient relationship based on trust and respect; the type of relationship every patient deserves.

Have a relationship with your doctor and get the medical care you have always deserved.  Suji Park-Idler, MD will be your primary care physician.  Primary care is all we do. Experience a doctor–patient relationship based on trust and respect; the type of relationship every patient deserves. Included in the monthly fee are one basic checkup, same day or next day appointments, access to medication prescriptions and lab tests & imaging near wholesale prices.

Primary Care Membership
$75 per month membership includes:

Direct Access via technology to Dr. Suji
(directly talk and text when you need help)

Same day/next day appointments
(schedule when you need help, not months away)

Extended, longer office visits
(maximum of 600 patients, so more time for you)

In office labs and procedures
(many tests available in office at no additional cost
Examples include:EKG, Breathing treatments*, Simple laceration repair, Joint injections, Rapid strep test, Influenza swab test, Stool blood test, Urine dipstick)

Wholesale / Discounted pricing for outside labs and imaging
(when you need to go outside the office,
the prices will be low negotiated fees)

Personalized medicine with someone that knows you
(Dr. Suji will know YOU and your history)

Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam
(no additional fee)

No co-pays
(no insurance complications)

Consultation with Specialists

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, Dr. Suji will work closely with that specialist. Because she is not affiliated with any other healthcare systems in the area, the choice will be made together based on the best care.

*Other procedures are available for a small added cost. Additional expense may also be incurred if supplies such as medications, splints, cast shoes or crutches are needed. There may be pathology costs associated with sending skin biopsies to the laboratory for further testing. Any added costs are always discussed with patients prior to ordering any tests or treatments.

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