10 Reasons to join a DPC practice like Raleigh Direct Primary Care

  1. Improved health- through greater access & communication with your health care team
  2. Time saving- virtually no wait at the office for your appointment and virtual visits at your fingertips without visiting the office
  3. Cost containment- membership fees are fixed and additional lab & imaging studies are steeply discounted
  4. Personal relationship with your physician & health care team- who knows, you might meet a new friend
  5. Early detection of disease- through expanded and advanced screening and personal relationship with frequent contact
  6. Same day appointments- when you’re sick and needy and mom’s chicken soup just isn’t enough
  7. Your personal physician available through technology (email, phone, text & video conference)- prove to your friends you have your doctor on speed dial & get treatment for many common complaints while you’re at home, work, college or traveling
  8. Wholesale Medications- no mark-ups on medications that are dispensed from the office.  Amazing pricing that can save you money.
  9. No penalty for pre-existing conditions, even get better care for chronic conditions
  10. No middle man- take insurance out of your health care decisions and let your highly trained physician advise what is best for your health instead of the non-clinical clerk working those computer keys at the health insurance company