Why Raleigh DPC?

Primary Care is important.  A DPC practice provides better service and health. Raleigh DPC puts primary care in a DPC setting with the skill and caring hand of Dr. Suji Park-Idler.

Dr. Suji (as she is called) has an amazing ability to analyze a whole person and their lifestyle.  She is very personable.  She does a very through history and asks questions that other doctors might not (but should).  She has such a broad spectrum of knowledge that it gives her a larger fund to call on when trying to diagnose.  She takes each patient in as she would a member of her family.

You are never rushed and you get her undivided attention when you are with you.  She is a fabulous listener. When you spend time with her, you feel calm, at ease, well cared for.  You feel like no stone is left unturned.  She wants to treat the full person.  Her experience gives her a wide range of practical information.  Come for a complimentary meet-n-greet to see how cared for you feel.

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