What people say

“Dr. Suji is the ultimate professional, while at the same time compassionate and understanding. She is able to assess conditions quickly and recommend logical steps to solve medical problems in a very responsive manner. After a consultation and house visit she was able to diagnose my husband’s medical problem which no other doctor had been able to identify, and put a plan in place to address it which was successful. I highly recommend her services.” – Marilyn

“Dr. Suji took exceptional care of me, and acted urgently. She was straight- forward and honest. I would recommend any of my family members or friends to Suji, because I know, without a doubt, that she will give the most honest care and attention available.” – Lorenzo

True story~

8:16am Patient emails doctor w concerns about possible infection.
8:22am Doctor emails patient back & offers appointment this morning.
9:35am Patient arrives, infection confirmed.
9:49am Patients leaves with antibiotic in-hand for just $1.30

Patient says “Well that was Easy Peasy! Why wouldn’t everyone do DPC?
GOOD question.

Maybe YOU should sign up.

5 star review on Facebook for Raleigh DPC Direct…

Example of things that happen:

Patient texted at 9am to say she had a rash. She sent over photo and I was able to diagnose Shingles. She needed Valtrex.

She on other side of town for work so she thought it would be more convenient to pick it up at a Rite Aid.

I called in Rx for 21 pills.

She tried to pick up Rx but was shocked they wanted $232. She called me for help.

I told her no worries, come to the office and I can dispense it from the in-house pharmacy.

Her cost was less than $13.