Savings Examples

Actual patients and the savings seen…

The first savings you will see is with your insurance premium.  You can change your insurance plan to one that has a higher deductible.  Using 2017 BCBS rates you could change from a gold plan to a bronze and save from $2496 to $9384 for the year in premiums alone.  Even after you pay a full year membership with Raleigh DPC you still save!

We had a patient that texted about stomach pain. Dr. Suji called him within 15min of the text. After speaking on the phone, she had him come to the office. She diagnosed him with an appendicitis. He was sent to get a cat scan for confirmation. The cost of the scan to the patient was $400. He was then directly admitted for surgery. The patient was saved the cost of an ER visit and ER/hospital imaging fees. These fees total over $10000 (using an example from 2014 – so probably even more).  Here’s an example of the bill for an ER routed appendectomy:

Patient A was experiencing some belly pain. Unable to get an immediate appointment with his doctor.  His doctor’s office instructed “If he felt like it was bad enough that he needs to be seen today, he should go to the ER or an Urgent Care.”

Patient A went to the ER and was treated. His bill was: As our patient, Adam would have come to our office and paid:
Blood draw charge – $38.14 Blood draw charge – $0
Chemistry – $3524.14 Chemistry – $65
Hematology – $1782.95 Hematology – $29
Urology – $231.79 Urology – $11
Chest x-ray – $490.94 Chest x-ray – $25
CT scan – $10955.13 CT scan – $300
ER Level fee scale – $2700.18 ER Level fee scale – $0
Total $19,723.27 Total $430

You can be seen same day, get stat labs & x-rays and have the doctor that knows you and your history at your side to advocate for your needs.

But you say in the first scenario Adam would have been able to use his insurance.    Yes, BUT there would be an ER co-pay   (typically $150)   Deductible     typically $2700 – $5000       Coinsurance    typically 30% of bill after deductible has been met (30% of $19,723.27 – $5000 equals additional payment of $4,416.98).  Total ER cost for Adam would be close to $10,000 vs $430 at Raleigh DPC.

The payment to the ER would be 10-years of Raleigh DPC membership.

We can show you more examples like this and give you exact comparisons to BCBS, check out this pdf file.

Common reasons to go to an ER or Urgent Care.  You would need to choose the ER if an Urgent Care was not open when you needed help.  Raleigh DPC is available to you no matter what time you are ill.

Condition Emergency Room Cost Urgent Care Cost Raleigh DPC
Allergies $345 $97 No additional cost, part of membership and you do not need to leave your house while ill. Just call, text or video and Dr. Suji will take care of you.
Acute Bronchitis $595 $127
Earache $400 $110
Sore Throat $525 $94
Pink Eye $370 $102
Sinusitis $617 $112
Strep Throat $531 $111
Upper Respiratory Infection $486 $111
Urinary Tract Infection $665 $112

The above table came from  2010 stats featured:

In 2017 the average ER visit was $1233 – this 40% more than the average rent.